Custom Art

The first step in the process is for me to find out more about what you, and what you have in mind. Click the link below, and fill in your event details. I'll follow up with a quote that is tailored completely to your concept. 

How does this work?

Available sizes

16" x 20"                                   


20" x 20"                                           


18" x 24"                                             



24" x 24"                                                



24" x 30"                                                   



24" x 36"                                         



30" x 30"                                             




Artwork is rendered with acrylic paint with translucent glazes that multiply the luminosity of the paint. The result captured on canvas is a beautiful interpretation of your idea.


Pricing is based on size, range of colours used, and complexity of the subject matter depicted.
Request your customized quote today.

I hope to create the piece of a lifetime for you!


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