Live art at your event

Your special event can show your savvy support of visual art with this unique addition to the entertainment, and are left with a timeless work of art that immortalizes the moment. I welcome event organizers to invite the creation of a stand-out showcase piece, by booking Art of Ciel for their next event.

I am available to paint live at galas, special ceremonies, fundraisers, poetry shows, birthdays, live music performances and concerts, dinner parties, and more! 

The best part? You always get to keep the piece that is created, at no extra cost.
Please inquire at to determine availability, and discuss details.

The first step in the process is for me to find out more about what you, and what you have in mind.
 Click the link below, and fill in your event details. I'll follow up with a quote that is tailored completely to your special event. 

How does this work?

Special Event 
Live Art

Send me an email today for your custom quote!

The cost includes HST tax, along with all art materials
needed (canvas, paint, brushes, dropsheets and dropcloths, etc.)  

Available Sizes                                             

24" x 24"                                                
(2 feet by 2 feet)  

36" x 36"                                                 
(3 feet by 3 feet)

48" x 48"                                                 
(4 feet by 4 feet)

To have a piece painted prior to your event, please see your custom art options here. You can have your finished painting unveiled at your event!

Let me create something worth talking about

Open Heavens
Open Heavens
Open Heavens
Open Heavens
Painting liveat BLMTO's showcase
Painting live at the Mystic Effect!
Painting live at Ryerson's Tumult
Painting live at Ryerson's Tumult
Painting live at Ryerson's Tumult
The finished piece!
Painting Live at Toronto City Hall
Meeting the Mayor of Toronto
The finished piece!
Presenting the Mayor with the Art

Here's How it Works:

1. The first step in booking me for your special event is completing the Discovery survey here: Live Art

2. I will contact you with a personalized quote based on the information you included.

3. We will set up a Skype call or phone call, where we'll talk about your vision for your piece, and details around your special event. You can send me photos of your event theme, imagery, and other related things after this.

4. Once we finalize all of the details, and  you are ready to secure your event date in my calendar, you can send the security deposit via e-transfer to the following email address:  I will send you an invoice of the %50 payment for your business records.

5. It's the day of the event. I've communicated with the event planner, or person of your choice ahead of time to arrange the technical details. I paint live during the event, and take the painting home to add finishing touches and sealing glazes. 


5. Artwork is then completed within 2-3 weeks of the event. You will be able to review a photo of the piece and suggest revisions, if needed.


6. When you are happy with the artwork, the next step is to arrange the delivery of the piece. Shipping costs, if required, are extra. The remaining amount on the painting is collected once the painting is received.

Good To Know:

Revisions: Each design project comes with a standard of 2 edits included free of charge. Every additional revision will be charged at $20 per round if the total time of revision does not exceed 30 minutes. Additional revisions will be calculated based on a rate of $30/hour until completed to your satisfaction.

Timeline: If your event is happening in a particularly busy season, It's good to secure your date ahead of time. Let's get started sooner rather than later.


Deposit: I collect a security deposit before I can secure your date in my calendar. My policy is 50% of the project total for those under $5,000 and 25% for those over $5,000. Projects under $250 don't require a contract, but you can request one and I'll set that up for you. 

All fees listed include HST at 13%.