Live art at your event

The first step in the process is for me to find out more about what you, and what you have in mind.
 Click the link below, and fill in your event details. I'll follow up with a quote that is tailored completely to your special event. 

How does this work?

Send me an email today for your custom quote!

The cost includes HST tax, along with all art materials
needed (canvas, paint, brushes, dropsheets and dropcloths, etc.)  

Available Sizes                                             

24" x 24"                                                
(2 feet by 2 feet)  

36" x 36"                                                 
(3 feet by 3 feet)

48" x 48"                                                 
(4 feet by 4 feet)

To have a piece painted prior to your event, please see your custom art options here. You can have your finished painting unveiled at your event!


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