Monique Pitt

Teacher's Assistant at McMaster University

"Camille's work can captivate ANY audience. Recently, she presented her work and thoughts behind her work in a university lecture hall and had the whole class asking for more. Week's after the class, many students are still speaking about how inspired they were by Camille. Now, these social work students believe in the power of ART as a means of creating change. We are extremely grateful."

Pauleanna Reid

Professional Writer, Published Author and Motivational Speaker

"My curiosity led me to Camille's website months ago where I took the opportunity to browse through her portfolio and quite frankly I was blown away. Her attention to detail, smooth strokes, remarkable use of color draws you in so deeply that you don’t want to look away. It’s a feeling I rather you experience for yourself."
- An excerpt from my GIRL ON TOP feature on www.pauleannareid.com



Samantha Clarke

International Photographer

"Camille is a beautiful human being, but her beauty is much deeper than what meets the eye. I felt her passion and warmth through her delightful Instagram feed, and even more when we met for the first time for her photo shoot. We met to bring her beautiful painting entitled “Black Swan” to life and now she’s sharing her story on the blog. She is a talented visual artist but also a sharp business woman with a unique vision that allows her to push the boundaries of the art industry. The depth of her words will certainly urge you to work a little harder towards your goals – whether you’re an artist or not."
-An excerpt from my FEARLESS FRIDAY FEATURE on www.Samanthaclarke.net



Jennifer Vivian

Business Advisor at City of Brampton Economic Development​

"Camille Lauren Gordon was involved in the 2013 Provincial Entrepreneurial Program for students called Summer Company. Camille was an incredibly hard worker while a participant in the program, which involved running her own full time business, taking part in training and mentoring sessions as well as being responsible for all the administration and bookkeeping. This amount of interaction during the program allowed me to observe Camilles’ ability to think creatively and solve problems posed by each new challenge of business ownership. She consistently impressed me with her ability to apply what she had learned to her business. 

Camille demonstrates a significant number of qualities, both of talent and character, which indicate a successful career in any pursuit. As Camilles' advisor, I know she will make an enthusiastic and responsible contribution to any challenge she takes on." 


McLean Greaves

Creator of The Birth of Cool

"Camille is an artist to watch.. And collect."


Coco Larain

Signer, Motivational Speaker, Co-Founder of Broken Heals

"Working with Camille is an enjoyable experience, it's like she paints the icing on my cake. She put a picture to my words and made what I said that much more beautiful and memorable for the audience of young women. "

Jo -Anne Santos

Arts Educator

"When I saw Camille paint live at Jambana, she exuded positivity and her energy was inviting, which naturally drew attention to her art form.

Camille's art work is as unique as she is as an individual. Her art work speaks volumes, is rich & diverse in colours and textures. It exudes feeling, emotion, and strength"

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