Coming Of Age

In growing up, we claim our potential. Sooner or later, it happens to all of us. A group of us Artists recorded our own versions of this process, and it will be on display at Daniels Spectrum for you to see! I'm so grateful to be a part of this. This exhibit is curated by Janelle Newbold

I get so happy when I see Amoye. 💛 This is from the opening night, in front of a few of my pieces. "NOLA Gentleman", "JAH, A King", "Every Rose needs the Rain Sometimes", "Tiffany" and "Wanderer".

I'm so glad I got a chance to take a photo with Brock. I've never met anyone who worked harder and made it look so easy. While I was at Remix, I was in awe at the kind of projects he had on the go, he never stops working. And he cares so much about Creatives being successful in their careers. He's a role model, a connector and a💡visionary who always gets the job done. So much respect to Bryan.

This is the Starstruck series. it's dedicated to the artists who've deeply inspired me early on in my artistic life.

My mom and I in front of the first painting in the Starstruck series. This one is of Frank Ocean.

This painting features FKW Twigs. Music is a huge part of what i paint, and I think that the glitter elements on this peice really stand out.

This is Nate. We met at Remix and he rose to every challenge there. I remember our conversations about our creative ideas and the challenges we experienced while trying to reach our goals. He's reached new levels with his photography. It's always a good day when I run into him.

I saw these two souls, Femi Lawson and Shi Wisdom. These are two of Toronto's home-grown greats. Look out for Femi's Tantalization Wave and Shi Wisdom's latest Young Gunner album.

Ps. The COMING OF AGE exhibit is on until October, so go check it when you can! So many talented artists and photographers exhibiting in once space. You'll Find our work on the Second floor.

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