WIPP it Real Good!

The "Women Inspiring Passion & Purpose" Gallery Exhibit left me speechless. The night was young, yet the room was full. This is how all events should be run.

From the all-female starry panel line-up, to the svelte legs and stunning guests gliding through the art exhibit, the poweful feminine energy in the room was hard to ignore.

It was a great pleasure to exhibit amongst Artists Rajni Perera, Hate copy, Fiya Bruxa, EGR and more. DJ Killa Kels was spinning while EGR spray painted the white wall with killer artwork!

Thank you family and friends, aunts, uncles, brother, cousins, parents and step-parents for supporting me!

Hey Olivia!

Hi mommy! And a huge thanks to the Wipp Toronto team and Curator Ashley McKenzie-Barnes (pictured below wearing the cream hat with the black stripe) for selecting me to showcase work.

Congratulations to all involved for an event that will surely go down in Toronto's memory/history bank. Also, a big S/O to the Founder of wipp Bianca Harris (standing centre in the black dress) for purchasing my first non-colour +non-paint piece on polycarbonate. I am grateful and glad for your love of the arts!

I just had to take a photo of this videographer. I mean, look at how effortless she slays!

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