Remixing Records at Girl's Camp

I was invited to do an art workshop with some lovely girls from a summer camp called girls of Destiny. The camp was created by Pat Chacha. She is so passionate about serving the youth in our community; I remember sitting in on a few scholarship training sessions where she encouraged all of us to apply for grants. But back to the story at hand; Mid-July rolled around and auntie Pat had invited me to paint with her Girls of Destiny camp. I thought back to an exercise I did with a grade 5 class years ago, called Record Remix.

So when I arrived, I set up a little inspiration table so they could pull colours, imagery, ideas from it. I placed some paintings, objects, fabrics on it and we set out the paints.

Hopefully these photos show how much I enjoyed the process of creating together. Here's one of the gorgeous colour-mixed palettes. This itself could be art!

The theme? Record Remix. A lady generously donated her old records to us and we went to work adding our own touch to them. And so it begins..

Even the volunteers jumped in on their own records

And we got messy. It's all in the name of creating something new!

Silent concentration. Monochromatic stripes of grey.

And here are some finished pieces!

I had so much fun with this group of girls. Can we do this again?


Thank you for the invite auntie Pat! Until next year!

#artclass #teaching #GirlsofDestiny #summercamp #artsypants #painthands #fun

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