Capturing Style. Painting Live at The Mystic Effect Fashion Show!

The air was electric. The mystery was mesmerizing as models made their entrance. Their glimmer stained the air; sewn mystic revelations unfolded in fabrics. And I was there, entranced as I painted. I had one eye on my canvas and the other eye on the runway. Let me gush about all of the designers for a moment.

Smooth as satin, deep as night. Tell me this shot isn't absolutely GORGEOUS. Pictured is one of the stunning models, who just happened to be the daughter of the designer of this Royal collection, Tasha Leona of CTL Design! On her website, Tasha says she's created to be creative; I think I am too.

The bold colours of Omi Woods. The room was full. And then the lights dimmed, and the show began. That was my cue to start painting.

The show was opened by two gorgeous twins who owned the runway as mannequin models, changing their poses in unison to reflect one another. They wore Omi Woods by Ashley Alexis McFarlane.

Hey bestie! The crowd was focused on the beauty.

t's all about layering... here's a glimpse of the process during the live paint ! I was electrified by the energy in the room. Colour, style, Yes! When it comes to the photography, Jean-Christophe Foolchand did an amazing job. He took all of the photos at the show. Thank you so much!

And here is the finished piece up-close & personal. i had to photograph this on an angle because of the heavy glaze i applied. It's so shiny! I had to seal all of the glitter that i added to Stacy-Ann's show stopping dress.

An enormous Congratulations are in order to Stacy-Ann Buchanan Pollydore for following your heart and hosting/masterminding/organizing such an incredibly Successful fourth and final production Mystic Effect! This just can't be the last time. Toronto, get familiar with her !!

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