Brush in-hand on New Year's | Open Heavens Live Art

Did you make a wish on New Year's Eve?

What do you want to see happen for you? I want so many things. If I were to write a list my hand would get cramped somewhere around the 8th page. But high on that list is experiencing more moments like this one.

Painting live at Open Heavens, was a mesmerizing display. With performances from the likes of Don Moen, Kirk Franklin, Micah Stampley and Jumbo, a Mass Choir that sung wuth the harmonies of angels, blazing fireworks and confetti at the 12- O-clock mark, and a theme that blended throughout the night- this was one for the books.

Bronze and blue. In action. In this photo I've laid out the general structure of the stage, and I've added in the base of bronze for the crowd. progress!

The clock struck 12 and the confetti swirled. The audience stretched farther than any I've seen in person. I represented the many with dots of varying tones. A crowd, simplified with circular patterns.

Those lights! They changed colour and direction with each song. I was so impressed. This was an absolutely synchronized stage production. Wowee!

I'm a sucker for great lighting. I just had to capture the lime green light reflected off of the piece. Below, you'll see a portion of the audience. There was easily 10K people in the room. The rows stretched back, on and on. It was a full house!

Before I start painting, I take a moment. Hear the notes in the music. Survey the room. There are many ways to frame the shot that I'll end up painting. This is what it looks like when I'm laying out the scene in my mind. This is the calm before the colour storm.

I bought silver, cream and pearlescent Acrylics specifically for this event. With it being called Open Heavens, I knew I'd have space to paint one of my favourite elements in, ☁️clouds. And this is where I left off. It's not complete just yet. I was changing my paintbrush 💧water when the confetti and the fireworks went off, what a fantastic display! Anyway, I'm going to add in a few finishing touches to the piece- you see those white strokes on either side? Those will be the choir! I'll keep you posted on it.

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