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Today was my last day at the Stater Company headquarters. The business office is on the 4th floor of the Mississauga Central Library. I successfully completed the program!

While I did my exit interview l thought back over all of the things that I learned over this past year. I am so lucky to have received one-on-one mentorship from the Mississauga Board of Trade's President & CEO- I left every single one of our meetings armed with a plan, super-charged and ready to improve my skills and business understanding. There were weeks of intense training covering all the major aspects of business ownership/operations. And after perfecting my business plan, I was able to access 5K in funding to invest in my equipment and expansion costs. Talk about leveling up!

I just want to encourage entrepreneurs to take their ideas seriously AND seek support if you want help as you grow. The Starter Company program is offered in many cities; whether you live in Scarborough, Malton, Mississauga - you can apply. Last time I checked, the program in Brampton was on pause, but if you email you might hear when the next round is scheduled for.

The learning never ends. There's always more to become. The ambition never leaves if it's running through your veins.

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